Wednesday, January 27, 2016

"There is a growing list of People I Like Making Terrible and Disappointing Decisions"

That's from Jeff Mobley, and it's because he had to add Lt. Gov. Henry McMaster to his list of people making terrible and disappointing decisions, namely the decision to endorse Donald Trump for President.

I saw this news break about the same time Jeff did, and I was (and remain) absolutely baffled by McMaster's decision.

Think about who Henry McMaster is for a second. He's the current (Republican) Lt. Governor. Before that, for eight years, he was the (Republican) Attorney General for SC before that. Before that, for eight years, he was the Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party.

Point being, if you looked up "Establishment South Carolina Republican" in the dictionary, you'd see a picture of Henry McMaster.

And now, he's endorsing Trump, who is a complete clownshow of a candidate, a charlatan, a person who has taken every position on every issue at some point in time, and has somehow fooled a bunch of fools into voting for him because they want to just watch the world burn.

Trump is basically saying that he is going to roll in to Washington, hire all the right folks, fire all the wrong folks, and make all the trains run on time again. He doesn't talk policy, or history, or law. He doesn't talk about working with Congress. He's just the guy who's going to come in and somehow magically make everything work through the sheer force of his will or because he's so smart.

Trump is the opposite of what conservatives support. He's the opposite of limited government that has checks, balances, and is responsible to the people. Do you think Trump is going to stop the expansion of government into your life more and more? No, he's specifically selling himself as the guy who's going to use government better than everyone else.

I mean, it didn't shock me at all when Jake Knotts endorsed Trump. I just kind of figured that's one blowhard endorsing another blowhard. That makes sense, right?

And now Henry McMaster has thrown in with this lot. It's unreal. It's surreal. And, yes Jeff, it's disappointing.