Thursday, January 21, 2016

This Bernie Sanders Ad Is Pretty Good

I can say this as a conservative. From an objective point of view, in that I'm not voting for either Bernie or Hillary, I think this is an effective ad for Bernie Sanders.

It's uplifting, it's appealing, it's an ad that makes you want to be part of all of those people who are looking for something with Bernie Sanders. I think a lot of Bernie's supporters are people who are looking for something different. 

It's not the pragmatic, boring, I'm more experienced at using the levers of power type campaign pitch that Hillary is selling.

Bernie is selling something that Hillary can't quite get her fingers on, and I think it's working.


  1. Huh. Where were the black folks? Hmmmmmm......

  2. Ummm... that is not a happy song. It's a song of desperation. Yes, when communism reigns, that last cigarette will be a poignant memory.

    The full lyrics: