Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Last Night's Election Results Were Surreal

Wow. Last night's result was surprising.

It now appears that the GOP is going to control the White House and Congress. I hope that the Republicans have learned from the mistakes that Obama and the Democrats made early on - namely, don't overreach. The pendulum always swings back. Remember when everyone was saying that the Republican party was a thing of the past back in 2008?

Let's start small. Maybe with passing a budget. You know, the budget? The thing that the federal government hasn't had for years and years because everyone on both sides has been really stubborn? Yeah, let's do a budget and then go from there. That would be nice.

Yeah. The Democratic party isn't going away. The Republicans can't act like they won't ever have to deal with the Democrats. Hopefully, those years in the wilderness were instructive on how to handle being in charge. The GOP needs to be humble, keep their heads down, govern responsibly, and avoid the hubris that the Democrats couldn't.

All glory is fleeting.

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