Monday, November 14, 2016

UVA Students Beclown Themselves

So I saw this today:

The key quote from the offended folks is: "For many of us, the inclusion of Jefferson quotations in these e-mails undermines the message of unity, equality and civility that you are attempting to convey."

I knew the social justice warriors of the left had repudiated Andrew Jackson. Apparently, they would like another scalp, and even Thomas Jefferson is not safe to quote by the President of the University that Thomas Jefferson founded.

Bless your heart, kiddos. By the way, we're not laughing at you...wait. Yeah, we're laughing at you.

P.S. This is just another reason why my alma mater of Washington & Lee University is better than TJ's college. Oh, and William & Mary (where Jefferson went to school) is also better

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