Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Tim Scott and Trey Gowdy Named to Trump Transition Team

Sen. Tim Scott and Rep. Trey Gowdy were both named to positions on the transition team Tuesday.

Scott was named a vice chair of the transition, one of seven named in a release sent out by the Trump team on Tuesday. Four others are also members of Congress. Vice President-Elect Mike Pence is the chairman of the transition.

I can't really see Tim Scott leaving his US Senate seat. He just won an election, so he's got a nice, long six year term. I'm not sure what would tempt someone to leave the US Senate in such a situation.

Gowdy is maybe more of a possibility. He's a great prosecutor and he could be a good fit somewhere in the Department of Justice. Maybe Deputy AG or Associate AG? I could see him leaving Congress for something like that, maybe.

Or is this just not that big a deal?

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