Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Obama: The Democrats failed because "Fox News in every bar and restaurant in big chunks of the country"

In this election, [white working class voters] turned out in huge numbers for Trump. And I think that part of it has to do with our inability, our failure, to reach those voters effectively. Part of it is Fox News in every bar and restaurant in big chunks of the country, but part of it is also Democrats not working at a grassroots level, being in there, showing up, making arguments. That part of the critique of the Democratic Party is accurate.
I don't know what kind of bars and restaurants that President Obama has been going to, but all the bars I've ever been to have sporting events on the television. I mean, who in their right mind would go out to a bar and watch news of any kind? And if it's not sports, it's weather. But 99.9% of the time, it's sports.

In other public areas where there are televisions, like airports, it's CNN. (Or sports) A few weeks ago, I traveled via commercial air travel for Thanksgiving. I went from Columbia to Atlanta (you have to go through Atlanta everywhere in the South no matter what) and then on to Shreveport, Louisiana. Guess what is on every single airport television. Yeah, CNN. And in all the airport bars, it was sports.

No one puts Fox News on in public probably because so many leftists would freak out, but more importantly, because no one goes to a bar or restaurant to watch the freakin' news.

Can you imagine: Excuse me sir, I know you and your friends are watching the Notre Dame-Michigan game and drinking some beer, but could we switch it over to Fox News? I understand that a particularly good edition of Hannity is coming on in a few minutes.

Give me a break. This is such a cop-out because Obama is basically saying that the Democrats couldn't get their message out to the people. Apparently, they couldn't break through the Fox News stranglehold of Buffalo Wild Wings - not that people rejected their ideas on the merits.

I guess despite having every other media outlet and all newspapers in America they just couldn't break through the Fox News on the television down at Applebee's.

That's the thing about the Democrats and leftists in general. Nothing is ever their fault. It's bad messaging, or bad optics, or communism just hasn't been tried in the true sense yet by the right people. Nothing is ever actually their fault.

And again, we're talking about one news outlet. One. It's the only media outlet that the left demonizes. You remember the scene from Blazing Saddles where the Governor says, "I didn't get harumph out of that guy!", because one single guy didn't agree with him?

Yeah, that's Obama and the left - pointing at Fox News because it's not harrumphing.


  1. Fox news is on the TV in my doctor's waiting room... on a military base, so not exactly public. It's also usually muted, which I really appreciate.

    1. I'll take that as the exception that proves the rule. :)