Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Columbia City Council Decides to Ignore the First Rule of Holes

Rule #1: If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.
Columbia City Council decided Tuesday to turn over $618,000 more to stop an impending 65 percent cut in bus service, a move that council members say will keep buses running into mid-summer as normally.
Yay! For a mere $618k more, we can allow the bus system to continue losing money for a few more months! The Columbia City Council are geniuses. It's a good thing they have a money-tree ignorant taxpayers who continually provide the funding for CMRTA.
City Councilwoman Tameika Isaac Devine said that County Council members “still don’t see their responsibility” to a robust bus system.
 Actual bus riders were unavailable for comment on whether they should pay more.
Columbia City Council voted unanimously to approve the new money with the condition that it can be spent only on maintaining service. “It should not go for lawyers or marketing,” Councilman Daniel Rickenmann said.

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 Yeah. Heaven forbid we have any lawyers look at the contracts related to the bus system. Just give us more money, and don't pay any lawyers to deal with a $3.8 million bus system. Oh, and we don't want to market the bus system either. That might result in more people riding the bus.
At County Council, seven people implored the body to come up with money to stave off service cuts.
“I’m counting on y’all,” said Jose Carter, who’s been riding the bus the past four months while his car is in the shop.

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There, poor baby. The local government is here to take care of you. No personal responsibility required. Just come in and promise to vote for us so we can continue to take care of you. In all seriousness, who has a car "in the shop" for four straight months? I call bullshit on Jose Carter.

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