Monday, March 18, 2013

SC's Spring Turkey Season

After shooting quail and pheasant (and thousands of clay targets) I'm going to try my hand at shooting something big this spring - a turkey. South Carolina's turkey season is in the spring to coincide with the turkey's mating season. So, from April 1 - May 1, South Carolina hunters have the opportunity to bag a gobbler.

However, just because the turkey is walking around in the woods doesn't make him easy too shoot. Turkey's have a very keen sense of sight, so they can spot the smallest detail that you don't have camouflaged. That means in addition to camouflage pants and shirt, you have to cover your face and hands as well.

Also, turkeys move through the woods with a purpose in the springtime - they're looking to mate. Accordingly, to attract the dominant male turkey, you have to sound like a hot female turkey looking to get it on. I've been driving Mrs. Permanent Press crazy with the turkey call that I have. Pretty much the only place that I can practice is in the car. This is the sound I'm trying to imitate.

I've done a little preliminary scouting, and it's been enjoyable to just walk through the woods and try to figure out where the turkeys are. I actually got a turkey to call back to me on my last scouting trip. It was amazing to be interacting with a wild animal like that.

Hopefully, I'll be able to get a gobbler in my sights this season. I'll keep you updated on the progress. Any tips, hints, or advice is always welcome.

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