Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Football Culture in the South

Rick Bragg has a great article in ESPN The Magazine about the culture of college football in the South and what we believe.
And we believe -- well, maybe all but the Unitarians -- that God himself favors our football teams. On Friday nights and Saturday afternoons, our coaches, some of them blasphemers and backsliders and not exactly praying men the other six days of the week, tell their players to hit a knee and ask his favor at the same exact instant the other team is also asking his favor, which I have always taken to mean that God, all things being equal, favors the team with the surest holder on long field goals.
It is gospel -- the gospel according to Bear. After a rare Alabama loss in the Bryant era, Bear's sidekick on his weekly television show told him: "The Lord just wasn't with us, Coach."
"The Lord," growled Bryant, "expects you to block and tackle."
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  1. Whenever I meet someone (who is purportedly) from the South, and they aren't at least mildly interested in college football, I'm immediately suspicious of them.