Friday, August 3, 2012

The Waffle House In Five Points

I'm excited to see the new Waffle House construction in Five Points is moving along so well. It's located on Harden Street, right next door to El Burrito. Here is a picture that I took on my way to work this morning with my Droid:

As you can see, the iconic yellow lettering is already up, and it will soon be a beacon of hope for lost, drunken students in the wee hours of the morning. Honestly, I'm surprised that it has taken so long to get a 24-hour diner into Five Points. With all the bars and student foot traffic there during the school year, this place is going to be printing money.

This Waffle House will also be a good place for folks to sober up a little before driving home. Sometimes, simply having a place to go is enough of an alternative to deter a person from just getting in their car and trying to immediately drive home. So there's a public benefit here as well.

On a related note, hope they put a juke box in there. The Waffle House in Lexington, VA, where I went to college, had a juke box that must have made about as much money as the Waffle House itself. At 3:00AM, after a few drinks, that juke box looks like the best idea in the world.

The southern institution of Waffle House will be a welcome addition to the Five Points area, and I cannot wait to get some of those delicious hash browns.


  1. The best song I ever played on a Waffle House jukebox at 3:00AM after a night of drinking was Chuck Berry's "My Ding-A-Ling".