Monday, August 27, 2012

The Ten Commandments of College Football

Clay Travis is on the right track but I would remove #2 and substitute the following:
If you're a guy, and you come into a room or place where other guys are watching a football game on TV, you may ask what the score is. Thou shalt not ask who is playing.
Your man-card shall be revoked it you cannot tell who is playing in the football game simply by looking.

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  1. Other contenders:

    Thou shalt know the rules for Beer Pong.

    Thou shalt leave your tailgate at least 20 minutes before kickoff and be in your seat for the national anthem.

    Thou shalt always assume that your league rivals are cheating. Thou shalt always assume your school's great kids epitomize throwback student-athletes, with footballs under one arm and textbooks under the other.