Thursday, July 28, 2011

Being Sexually Assaulted? Don't Worry There's an App for That.

I wish that was not a serious plan. Sadly, it is. Yes, that's right, all college co-eds are now going to be much safer from sexual assault because the White House is coming up with a smartphone app to fight back. Yes, that's a serious plan. My favorite part (also Breda's):

However, she added, an app that calls on female students to take preventative measures has its shortcomings. It relies on women recognizing when they are at risk and does not change the attitude that the burden to avoid assault is on women. 
“Maybe people could add more components to it to ask people to confront their beliefs,” about what causes sexual assault, she said—like building an app that resembles Angry Birds. “Is there some kind of bird you can fling against misogynistic attitudes?”
Breda: "Isn't there some sort of device that would fling heavy metal projectiles at high rates of speed directly at, and hopefully through the vital organs of, your attacker?" 

Zing! Her blog just made my list of "Required Reading".


  1. Breda nailed it on the head. This is definitely a case of "bad decision-making" by the higher ups. Ladies should know better.

  2. I guess the old "app" of dialing 911 on your smartphone isn't getting the job done.