Saturday, July 30, 2011

SEC Coaches Interviewed by ESPN (Spurrier Emphasis and Translation)

ESPN's Page 2 has a great interview with all 12 SEC head coaches. It's more of a "get to know you" style interview, rather than a wonkish "break down the Tampa Two" with us. Of course, Spurrier is great. Read the whole article, but for those of you just interested in Spurrier, I've got his answers (any my translation of Spurrier-speak) below the jump.

Which SEC stadium has the most hostile environment?

Spurrier: We think ours is, of course, at Williams-Brice. I'm asked that a lot. They're all loud. I wear a headset so I don't hear it like maybe a lot of coaches. So none of them have got to where they affect us too much. You just have to tune the noise out. Obviously, The Swamp was awfully loud, and still is. But I can't pick one to be the loudest.

Your noisy stadiums don't bother me. I can't heeeearrrr you. Also, shout-out to my alma mater, which isn't as good since I've left.

What's your biggest superstition?

Spurrier: Not too much. I generally try to work out before every game on Saturday. If we have one of those noon games, my workout may be just a walk around the hotel parking lot, so it's quick. That's probably my only little superstition.

During the pre-game I'm too busy making sure Garcia isn't drunk to worry about much else.

Obviously, you all travel a lot. Do you have a must-stop restaurant that you have to hit if you're nearby?

Spurrier: My one in Columbia is a little Greek restaurant called Angelo's. Then there's another one called Blue Marlin. There's one in Gainesville called Napolatano's, a little Italian pizza place. In fact, I went by there in Gainesville this summer.

I'm not a "foodie", so this might be a better question for my buddy Phil Fulmer. What's next?

Which cliché is most overused by coaches?

Spurrier: The two words that I try not to use are "great" and "football." When I was getting into coaching, I would hear these coaches say "We've got a great football team ready to play, but we've got some tough football games, and we don't know if our football team can handle the road schedule against these great football teams." Everything was great and everything was football. I tried to learn some new adjectives: Outstanding, spectacular, super. I use super a lot. 

Other coaches are dumb.

Who's the best-dressed coach?

Spurrier: Well, it used to be [Jim] Tressel. (Laughs.)

Hey, you remember the guy at Ohio State? He's been fired! I always hated that guy; sucks to be him now.

What's one of your favorite songs, or name your favorite musician.

Spurrier: A song I've been listening to lately is that Kenny Rogers song, "A Blaze of Glory." (Does that have any particular meaning?) Well, I hope to go out in a blaze of glory. I hope to. Yep.

Garcia has gotten me into this "Blaze of Glory" thing. He keeps saying it during practice. Not sure what he means. Probably nothing.

What was your first coaching job and how much did it pay?

Spurrier: Quarterback coach at Florida. Paid $26K. Second year, quarterback coach at Georgia Tech. Paid $26K. Third year, quarterback coach and offensive coordinator at Duke. Paid $27K.

And none of them came with a country club membership. Cheapskates.

Who was your favorite athlete growing up?

Spurrier: I grew up in East Tennessee. Probably some of those Tennessee tailbacks. I'd say Johnny Majors.

Oh, I'm not allowed to say myself? Ok, fine. Johnny Majors, I guess.

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