Monday, July 18, 2011

Rep. Ryan on The President's Leadership

Not exactly thrilled.
“[Obama] has made it harder to establish trust, which will make it harder to find compromise,” Ryan says. “As much as he wants to come off as a leader, every time he talks about Republicans holding out to save fat-cat corporate-jet loopholes — which he knows is false — or leaks alleged spending cuts to the press, he reduces his leadership. He knows how that damages his credibility up here. Yet he continues to spin.”
[HT: Drew M. at Ace's site]

I'm not hopeful about much of anything happening. Both sides seem to feel that compromising on their core principles is more of a loss than not. When my legal cases end up in this position, we have a trial. When DC ends up in this position, we get a bunch of noise - but we don't get anything done.

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